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All content that is submitted for distribution across The Global Recruiter media platform will be considered for publication by the editor.

The editor will decide if content is fit for publication and decide where the content will be positioned. He will also make editorial adjustments where necessary to keep with house style of the magazine and website.

If the editor deems the content to be marketing material e.g. the content is primarily centred around promotion of a business or service rather than being of general interest to readers, the material can still appear on the website or magazine but will be subject to a publishing fee of £500.00 per article. This content will be passed to the sales team to contact the contributor and where published the title will be preceded with 'advertorial’.

Anything deemed not relevant, not current, not interesting, biased or not up to editorial quality will not be published.

The editor's decision is final.

If you would like to write a commissioned article for the magazine and/or website then please email an outline of your suggestion to stating 'possible feature' in the email heading.

For any of our supplementary products, please email or call 01923 723990.

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