Bayt's New Search

Added features to enhance recruiter experience.

Bayt's New Search

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In a move designed to help employers connect with the best jobseekers, has enhanced its CV Search tool by adding more search features. The CV Search tool now allows businesses and organisations of all sizes, industries, and locations, to access and search the region’s largest talent database, consisting of more than 26.7 million job seekers. But more than that, CV Search has been designed to help companies cost, time, and effort in the hiring process.


Among the company’s new features are:


- Advanced Search Filters allow employers to use a combination of keywords and Boolean search operators (‘and’, ‘or’, and ‘not’) to retrieve highly relevant CVs that precisely match the qualifications they’re looking for.


- CV Freshness sorts results based on the most-recently updated CVs to ensure that employers can find candidates with up-to-date and relevant experience for their available position.


- Related Keywords helps employers access a wider variety of CVs by finding job titles and positions related to specific words and terms they’re searching for.

“At, we strive to provide all the necessary tools and services for enterprises across the MENA region to fill their vacancies with the most relevant candidates and in the most cost-effective manner,” said Suhail Masri, vice president of Employer Solutions, “To ensure that CV Search is as useful and effective as it can be and that employers are able to find the talent they require, we make it a point to engage with all employers to gain their feedback. We continuously release new features and enhance our offerings based on the employers’ specific needs and the challenges that the job market faces in our region. By adding these advanced features to the CV Search tool, we have made it much easier to connect more than 40,000 employers with the right type of talent.”

Having access to an advanced CV Search tool and a large job seeker database is an indispensable resource for employers, recruiters, and HR professionals who want to hire the best candidates. With CV Search, hundreds of thousands of employers are finding it easier to filter, sort through, save, compare, and contact the best candidates with minimum time and cost.




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