'Gooroo' Set to Headline

APSCo Event offers alternative to traditional conferences.

'Gooroo' Set to Headline

Australia & New Zealand

Carl Joseph, VP product manager at intelligent workforce planning and advanced people analytics platform, Gooroo, is set to headline APSCo Australia’s upcoming Conference of Minds event in Brisbane on May 2. Joseph will present “Minding an uncertain future: How understanding human thinking is the key to unlocking Australia’s potential.”

Joseph has been at the forefront of a new approach to the study of work and worker profiles and recently made a thought-provoking presentation and submission at the Senate Inquiry into the Future of Work and Workers.

His presentation at the APSCo event will address the emerging fields of innovation, creativity and entrepreneurism and identify these factors as the main drivers of change in the economy. Compelling research suggests a technological thinking divide linked to the increasing concern about the rate of disruptive change from the perspective of the individual.

The presentation will ask the audience to consider the future of work and workers by distinguishing between feelings of anxiety associated with industrial transformations, and the reality that there is a constant source of uncertainty that is inherent in entering new fields with new technologies.

Paul Lyons, co-founder of Ambition, business coach and mentor will MC the event. Paul has made a huge contribution to the recruitment industry and understands how important it is to assist leaders in growing and developing firms that are relevant and adaptable.

APSCo Australia’s Conference of Minds is set offer an alternative to the traditional format of business conferences, with a series of events that delivers a ‘meet-up’ style of forums that have been most widely embraced in the start-up and creative sectors. The aim of these events is to connect and strengthen the industry, whilst giving high level insights from some of the best in the market.

Minding an uncertain future: How understanding human thinking is the key to unlocking Australia’s potential will be held at the Hilton in Brisbane on Wednesday May 2. Tickets are now available at www.apscoau.org



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