Women To Lead

Call for more women in leadership roles.

Women To Lead

Australia & New Zealand

A study released by SEEK to tie in with International Women’s Day has found over 65 per cent of Australia’s workforce would like to see more women in leadership roles. In addition, almost half of working women would like to pursue a leadership role in the future, validating the strong desire for women to participate equally in leadership positions. 

SEEK interviewed working Australians to understand the different drivers between men and women in relation to applying for and taking on leadership roles. The research revealed marked differences in attitudes towards leadership roles between men and women. SEEK hopes that the study will help businesses understand how to create a more inclusive workplace that will ensure gender balance in leadership positions across all levels.  

“Understanding the drivers and motivations of the entire workforce is an essential step towards building a more inclusive workplace that caters for the needs and aspirations of everyone,” says Kathleen McCudden, SEEK group HR Director. 


A gender imbalance in leadership roles still exists, with 60 per cent of those in leadership roles being male, however, the desire to take on leadership roles is comparable across genders with 50 per cent of men and 48 per cent of women wanting to pursue a leadership role in the future.




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