PayStream Assessment Passed

CSE Award standard easily reached.

PayStream Assessment Passed

UK & Europe

PayStream have once again passed their Customer Service Excellence (CSE) Award with flying colours. The CSE Award is a government recognised accreditation and is a well-respected stamp of approval for businesses. It meticulously examines businesses in areas that research has indicated are a priority for customers. These areas include; timeliness, delivery, information, professionalism and staff attitude and provides recognition in areas of continuous development within customer service. The CSE Award certifies that service providers such as PayStream, place emphasis on developing customer insight, understanding the users experience and ensuring that there is a robust measurement of service satisfaction. 

The CSE assessment comprises a 57 point criteria that must be met and fully evidenced in order to achieve the award. The assessment allows for up to 11 ‘partial compliances’ in which you can still pass the assessment, and after scrupulous testing, PayStream fully met every single point of the 57 criteria in full with zero partials.

Furthermore, PayStream attained two more “compliance plus” awards in addition to maintaining the four it achieved in the previous year, giving them six in total which are detailed below:

  • Policies and procedures that support the right of all customers to expect excellent levels of service. 
  • In-depth understanding of their current and potential customers.
  • Committed to deliver customer focused services through recruitment, training and development of staff. 
  • Customers receive and fully understand any information PayStream provide. 
  • The content and quality of verbal, published and web based information meets the needs of the customers. 
  • Exceptional understanding of customer requirements. 

For a fourth time in a row, CSE remarked on how incredibly impressed they were with the customers they interviewed and the staff members they met at PayStream. PayStream’s determined attitude to never let standards slip and putting in maximum effort to attain outstanding customer service is why we have passed the assessment with flying colours for a fourth time in a row. These outstanding results are a testament to the continued effort, commitment and customer focus that PayStream staff display day in, day out.

Paul Malley, PayStream’s MD commented: “Our strong focus on delivering excellent customer service alongside our desire to deliver a service that is valued by our customers has always been at the core of our business and is another reason why contractors can place their trust in PayStream. We are thrilled with the feedback from the audit as it demonstrates our processes and services continue to impress external review companies.”




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