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Cyber security pushes demand for talent.

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Cyber security professionals are increasingly in demand as organisations continue to battle the growing threat of cybercrime, says recruiting experts Hays. “More organisations are looking for cyber security experts because the implications of being attacked are far reaching and the after effects can be devastating to a business and its customers,” argues Adam Shapley, senior regional director of Hays Information Technology. “Employers want to be better positioned to protect customer data and IT security. There’s more awareness that as the threats become more sophisticated they become more difficult to keep up with, so organisations want to address these issues now.”

With the threat of a cyber-attack escalating in recent years, cyber security spend has increased dramatically. As there has been a spate of well-publicised attacks recently, the hiring of these professionals is rising. Adam added: “We have seen an increase in both contract and permanent demand for security experts across a range of organisations, with security analysts and security architects, cyber threat intelligence analysts, consultants and cyber incident analysts all needed.


“Many businesses have begun to focus on the issue as a priority, which is great, but it means there is a premium being placed on those candidates with cyber security skills as they are in short supply,” he said.

It is still early days for the cyber security jobs market, which in part has led to a worldwide shortage of experts. Adam believes there are a limited number of professionals with the right skill set required by organisations.

“If a company is struggling to find the person they need, they could consider taking on someone with a general IT background and upskilling them into their new cyber security role,” he said.



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