List Receives Recognition

Davidson initiative finalist at RCSA.

List Receives Recognition

Australia & New Zealand

Davidson’s Top 50 Public Sector Women (Victoria) initiative has been named a finalist for this year’s RCSA Industry Awards for Marketing Campaign of the Year. The list was launched in Victoria last year to highlight the work of women at senior leadership levels within the State’s public sector in a bid to help redress gender inequality at leadership levels. It received a strong response from those working both within and external to the Victorian Public Sector.

Data released by the Victorian Public Sector Commission shows that at June 2017, women accounted for 67 per cent of the VPS workforce but held just 43.5 per cent of executive level positions.

“The Top 50 Public Sector (Victoria) List was launched to provide a platform where the work of women who had attained a leadership position within the Public Sector could be recognised and honoured,” Davidson’s Group General Manager – Executive Clare McCartin explained. “Women who have reached leadership positions and who are able to share their story are strong and valuable role models for women who are ambitious and want a career in the Public Sector.

“We have had such a strong response to the Top 50 List that this year we extended it to develop a NSW Top 50 Public Sector Women list and we are finding the reaction just as overwhelmingly positive for that as we had for the first Victorian list.”

Clare explained that the Top 50 Public Sector Women (Victoria) list was an opportunity for Davidson to introduce itself to the Victorian market while championing diversity in the workplace.

“Davidson was new to Melbourne in 2015 so we needed to make a splash in this market by showing what we stand for as a brand and part of that is diversity in the workplace because we understand its impact on staff well-being and the company’s bottom line,” Clare said. “We know a huge barrier for women applying for senior level positions is confidence. By showing them women who have backed themselves and applied for senior roles, secured those roles and then gone on to do their job well is a great way of encouraging women and showing men diversity is not a bad thing.”



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