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The Hays Quarterly Report has reaffirmed that specialist knowledge, particularly industry knowledge, is the key to securing the best roles in sales and marketing. The company believes  employers will increasingly enlist assessment testing tools in order to secure the talent they require.

“We are seeing solid demand for sales and marketing talent from both a digital and traditional background this quarter with a key differentiator being a candidate’s specialist industry knowledge,” explains Lynne Roeder, managing director for Hays in Singapore.

“Another recruitment trend we are seeing is rigorous candidate assessment methodologies being applied, especially for roles requiring specialist knowledge or skills,” she says. “In some cases, candidates are being asked to put together a comprehensive marketing campaign before a hiring decision is made. Personality testing is also playing a role in the final selection of the right candidate for many roles.”

A candidate in particularly high demand is one that is able to assist teams and departments about too or currently in the process of digital transformation.


“The right candidate able to drive digital transformation in the sales and marketing space must possess a complex skill set that blends strong technical knowledge with commercial skills and business savviness, as well as high-level soft skills,” says Lynne.

Other candidates in demand this quarter include those that can thrive in regional sales roles in the industrial space.

“Many overseas companies keen to set up in Asia consider Singapore the ideal location for their operations,” Lynne continues. “The ideal candidate should be highly motivated with good regional knowledge and a network of contacts.”

Meanwhile, Hays are also seeing high demand but limited supply of, candidates for key account manager and sales roles in IT and FMCG organisations. “Public relations and communications professionals are also in solid demand particularly those with an excellent understanding of how to use social media to both deliver and drive the message,” says Lynne. “These candidates are also difficult to source, particularly those with advanced skills.”

Hays research has found that despite talent shortages in several areas of the market in Singapore, employers still have a strong preference for Singaporean candidates and or permanent residents. Most employers are also looking to bring talent on in permanent roles with few exceptions, such as junior marketing roles where hiring activity is mostly on a temporary/contract basis.




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