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Finite launch a new online presence.

Site Alight

Australia & New Zealand

Finite Recruitment has launched a new website, which has also helped the company to renew its commitment to candidate care and provide a high level of service. The new website, designed in partnership with Edelman and powered by the JXT platform, heralds a new age for both employers and jobseekers in the ICT space.

Joanne Sacco, Finite’s marketing manager says the change is a big part of Finite's future-proofing in the tech space. "This website is a sign of our continued desire to provide candidates a great digital experience,” she says. “Jobseekers and employers are continually looking for more meaningful relationships and a more fluid, personalised experience. And we're designing solutions that cater for our highly tech-savvy and agile audience. Our goal is to make it easier for our consultants to connect great people with amazing opportunities."

Finite's digital footprint, including a 20,000-plus social audience, is a strong part of its service offering. The new website combines marketing-leading analytics and data collection with a simple, mobile-friendly user interface. With augmentations designed to enhance the user experience, the website stands as a pillar to Finite's future-focused growth mindset and entrepreneurial flair.


Finite's managing director, Tracy Thomson, believes the new website will have a positive impact on the market. “For a long time, Finite has been connecting great people,” she expalins. “Our new website extends our ability to do that, with a mobile-first and intuitive approach to finding your next great role. We're constantly expanding our content library, so we can offer our expertise to our clients and candidates. New metrics and reporting systems mean we can track quality candidates and engage them exclusively, before they go to the broader market. We're confident that this new website is going to enhance the experience our clients and candidates have when dealing with Finite.”

The new website is now at:



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