Caan Takes Model to ANZ

Investment firm spread global footprint.

Caan Takes Model to ANZ

Australia & New Zealand

James Caan CBE's Recruitment Entrepreneur is launching in Australia, expanding the global footprint of this investment model. Since 2014 the company has fostered a community of 16 start-up businesses investing time, money and experience in people with the potential to become great leaders, Recruitment Entrepreneur partners with budding entrepreneurs to build world class recruitment businesses capable of achieving a high equity value on exit. 

Speaking on the opening of the Sydney office, James said: “I’m incredibly excited to be able to offer talented and entrepreneurial recruiters an opportunity to create personal wealth and own their own business. Australia has an $11.2 billion recruitment market and it was reported in a recent LinkedIn article that three-quarters of the Australian workforce are open to being approached by recruiters. With these impressive figures and our fantastic track record of starting and scaling recruitment businesses it makes sense.”

He went on to say: “Since founding Recruitment Entrepreneur in the UK, the intention was always to replicate the concept into the Australian market as soon as we had an established UK presence with a proven model that was financially successful, robust and scalable. In Australia, there is no other recruitment investment specialist like Recruitment Entrepreneur.”

While the Australian market offers huge growth potential, Recruitment Entrepreneur recognises that many obstacles exist for young businesses looking to make their mark in the recruitment industry. With an exclusive focus on recruitment, underpinned by a highly experienced management team, Recruitment Entrepreneur offer operational support, industry know-how and financial backing, to kickstart sustainable business growth and drive profitability. 

Commenting on the launch, and spearheading the expansion is Gareth Chambers, Managing Director - APAC Region, who said: “Having worked in the Australian recruitment market for 15 years, during which time I launched, built and sold my own recruitment business, the scope and need for Recruitment Entrepreneur to enter the Australian market is beyond debate. I can say without the slightest hesitation that my own journey as a recruitment business owner would have undoubtedly been vastly easier and more successful if the Recruitment Entrepreneur platform had been available to me back then.”

Recruitment Entrepreneur’s business model is designed to support joint ventures to successfully navigate the inevitable obstacles that all start-ups encounter. The extensive experience provided by the management team and the support infrastructure eradicate many of the challenges that new CEOs would face. In an era of fast-paced changes and challenges, and the advent of AI and other disruptions, partnering with experience is the key attraction to most of our existing CEOs. Abid Hamid, Group CEO of Recruitment Entrepreneur, says, “Australia has 7,000 recruitment businesses, and 93,000 people working in the recruitment sector, which makes it a fantastic place to be for Recruitment Entrepreneur. As I’m familiar with the Sydney, Perth and Brisbane markets, I know they’ll benefit from our innovative model. We are relentlessly ambitious in our objectives, and I look forward to working closely with Gareth to build new and scale existing Australian businesses to achieve their aspirations.”



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