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Latest data shows rising jobs for Australia.

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SEEK data shows  there were 8.5 per cent new job ads on SEEK this May than 12 months ago. According to Michael Ilczynski, managing director for SEEK Australia and New Zealand, strong advertising growth and job opportunities continued across the following industries during the month:

- Mining, Resources & Energy — up 90 per cent year on year (y/y)

- Engineering — up 31 per cent y/y

- Trades & Services — up 27 per cent y/y

“Most states and territories across Australia experienced positive job advertising growth in May, which is suggestive of an improving labour market,” Ilczynski said.

In Victoria, the country’s second largest labour market, job ads on SEEK were up 9.1 per cent y/y. Fuelling this growth was solid advertising across Information & Communication Technology [up 11 per cent y/y], Healthcare & Medical [up 24 per cent y/y] and Trades & Services [up 23 per cent y/y].

“The big surprise has been the strength of the Western Australian labour market,” said Ilczynski. “Advertising on SEEK across the state increased 16.1 per cent y/y in May, which is eight consecutive months of positive advertising growth on SEEK.

“This continued growth indicates that Western Australia [WA] appears to be finding its feet after a prolonged period of weakness,” Ilczynski added.

Industries offering the most job opportunities in WA this May were; Mining, Resources & Energy sector [up 96 per cent y/y], plus the Trades & Services [up 27 per cent] and Healthcare & Medical industries [up 14 per cent y/y].

“Encouragingly, the NSW labour market looks to be improving with job ads up 1.7 per cent m/m and 4.6 per cent y/y in May,” revealed Ilczynski.

The top advertising industries on SEEK across NSW, and their average annual advertised salaries were:

- Information & Communication Technology, $105,412

- Trades & Services, $65,440

- Administration & Office Support, $58,797

Across other states and territories, job ads on SEEK remain strong this May:

- South Australia [SA] — up 20.1 per cent y/y

- Tasmania [TAS] — up 15.2 per cent y/y

- Queensland [QLD] — up 12.4 per cent y/y

- Northern Territory [NT] — up 9 per cent y/y

However, job ads on SEEK for the ACT dipped 0.5 per cent y/y.


Salaries have been relatively flat over recent months, edging slightly lower in May. “Average advertised salaries on SEEK continue to rise in trend terms in Victoria, SA, WA, QLD and TAS. While in NSW, they started to ease after an extensive period of growth,” said Ilczynski. “The industries that are showing the strongest growth in average advertised salaries are Administration & Office Support; Call Centre & Customer Service; Real Estate & Property and Hospitality & Tourism industries,” Ilczynski continued.


With the end of the financial year looming, y/y job ad growth on SEEK for the Accounting sector has remained flat from March to May 2017, when compared to the same three-month period last year.

“The Accounting sector is facing rapid technological change, reflected in flat job advertising trends since 2014,” revealed Ilczynski.

David Hassett, managing director for The Hassett Group, a specialist recruitment agency for the accounting and finance sector, agreed that flat growth across the accounting sector is a result of technological advances, as well as a combination of other factors, including the current economic climate.

“Over the past 12 months there has been a lack of movement across the Accounting sector. We've seen many senior redundancies and people choosing to stay in their current roles; this has created a market with less job opportunities and growth,” explained Hassett. “Many traditional Accounting roles have also become superseded by automated accounting software innovations. Plus, many Australian firms are outsourcing their shared services overseas for commerce reasons, which is also adversely impacting job opportunities and growth across the Australian Accounting sector,” Hassett continued.

However, at a national level there has been some notable job ad growth on SEEK across several accounting fields, which include:

- Compliance & Risk — up 22 per cent y/y Mar-May

- Accounting Officers/Clerks — up 22 per cent /y Mar-May

- Systems Accounting & IT Audit — up 12 per cent y/y Mar-May

- Finance Managers & Controllers — up 10 per cent y/y Mar-May

“Compliance & Risk is a top growth area in the Accounting sector due to the saturation of foreign investment in the Australian market. Investors are seeking security and want to ensure their assets are protected. Compliance & Risk roles are in high demand as Australia becomes better governed and mitigating risk becomes more important,” said Hassett.



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