Pooled Thinking

LogicMelon release talent e-book.

Pooled Thinking


Recruitment software specialists, LogicMelon, have put together a guide to help recruiters really nail down their Talent Pool management.

“Whether you’re searching for it, developing it or maintaining it, there’s no other term more synonymous with modern recruitment than ‘Talent’,” they say. “In an increasingly competitive market, recruiters and employers need to make sure they’re playing their ‘A’ game to get the best employees on board. This means getting fluent in talent management.

 “Once simply labelled ‘the applicants’ or ‘employees’, the shift in term to ‘talent’ is pretty important. It’s only been in fairly recent times that the term ‘talent’ has come to represent every individual that wants to/does work with you. It’s a welcome shift that brings with it new connotations of constant contact, development and maintenance - all the things talent needs to stay strong.”


Included in the guide is:


·         How to build a Talent Pool

·         The structure of your Talent Pool

·         How to manage your Talent Pool

·         Assessing your ATS

·         A guide to talent management tools and resources

The guide has been written by Mark Bevans, who has 30 years experience within the industry, this is a comprehensive guide which offers a real benefit to recruiters.

 “There’s more to building a Talent Pool than a nifty database tool and a foraged list of names,” says Mark, marketing director & director of LogicMelon Media. “Talent Pool’s are constantly evolving into active, thriving communities. It’s key that recruiters and employers don’t miss out by not supporting the talent developing within.”


To dowload the ebook click here: http://bit.ly/TalentPool_Ebook_LogicMelon



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