Montreal Achieve Equity

Male/female balance delivered by recruitment company.

Montreal Achieve Equity

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Montreal Associates has become one of the first recruitment companies in the UK to achieve equal male-female representation at all levels of the business. The company have also eliminated the gender pay gap. Women now make up 50 per cent of Montreal Associates’ consultancy and support teams.

Established in 1978, the enterprise technology recruitment company, headquartered in London and with offices in Frankfurt and Barcelona (opening February 2018), has enjoyed 25 per cent year-on-year growth over each of the last three years. This has seen the business embark on its own recruitment drive, as its managing director David Thuillier explains.

“The tech sector is synonymous with being overwhelming male dominated. So, to attract and retain an even split of male and female consultants to work across each of the niche areas in which we operate is an achievement in itself,” he says. “Montreal Associates has been moving in the right direction for some time. The last few years have seen exponential growth for the business as we entered new markets overseas and increased our share in others. This prompted not only a drive to recruit new consultants to help support our growth but also a rethink of our recruitment strategy itself.”

Thuillier says the sectors the company work are incredibly niche, but still competitive. In fact he believes the recruitment industry is at its most competitive right now and there is a wealth of evidence which shows that businesses with a truly representative workforce can gain an all-importance edge.

“So, the decision to re-shape our own recruitment strategy to this end simply made good business sense,” continues Thuillier, “it has boosted not only the bottom line of the business, but also increased staff retention by 16 per cent with as many as 25 per cent of the team now having worked with the company for 10 years or more.”


Female representation across every area of the business now stands at 50 per cent, from the most junior to the most senior roles. Gender pay is also a parity across the board, with salaries bucking the national trend for the sector.

According to figures published by Monster using figures and obtained by PayScale, the average salary for a male recruitment consultant in the UK is £25,110 per annum versus £21,800 for female consultants. While it was revealed this week at the World Economic Forum in Davos that the UK has risen five places since last year on the international gender pay gap index, progress remains slow.

“The recruitment sector is one of the fastest growing sectors of the economy and an increasingly important contributor to GDP – it is also one that often struggles to attract talent,” added Mr Thuillier. “Recruitment business leaders need to better understand that striving for greater female representation and equality in pay is good for their people, their teams, their clients and their candidates too. It is the right thing to do, too.

“With 90 per cent of the Montreal Associates team able to speak more than one language fluently and several nationalities and ethnicities represented, we are already one of the most multi-cultural tech recruiters in the UK. Now, having achieved gender parity at all levels, we are proud that we have a truly representative business. The challenge now is to keep it that way.”




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