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A by has found that a fifth of Brits (21 per cent) don't see a problem with mixing romance and work, with one in five (10 per cent) meeting their other half on the job. This is despite over half (51 per cent) saying you should never mix the two and five per cent saying that a previous office romance has ended up affecting their career. The survey also revealed that nearly half of Brits (44 per cent) want to change jobs this year and five per cent are keen to ditch their current relationship.


The top five things Brits are looking to change the most include:

  *   Job (44 per cent)

  *   Fitness/healthy eating (15 per cent)

  *   Work/life balance (14 per cent)

  *   Finances (13 per cent)

  *   Learn a new skill/hobby (9 per cent)


"With colleagues working in close proximity to one other for many hours a week, it's not surprising that a number of Brits have met their other halves in the workplace,” says Andy Sumner, managing director for Monster UK & Ireland. Sumner does, however, offer some words of advice for those who find themselves attracted to someone at work.


"Firstly, be open and honest with your colleague,” he says. “Misleading a colleague could severely damage your reputation within a company as well as your relationship with other colleagues. Also, try to keep things discreet. Though it may be tempting to tell all, be mindful that this will place your situation under the microscope and add pressure to your relationship.”

Finally Sumner says workers should take notice of and fully understand what is built into your contract and permitted regarding this sensitive subject. “If your company policy makes things awkward, don't panic,” he says, “There are plenty of jobs out there which will allow you to find your perfect match in both work and play."



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