The Christmas Search

More people seek new employment this year according to Jobsite.

The Christmas Search

UK & Europe

Data from Jobsite suggests the UK saw a significant year-on-year increase in job hunters looking for a workplace change over the Christmas and New Year holidays. The website says it saw 30 per cent more visits and 12 per cent more job applications on 25th December 2017, compared to Christmas Day 2016. There was additionally a year-on-year increase of 65 per cent in visits on 31st December 2017, compared to the same date in 2016. There were also 43 per cent more visits to Jobsite and a 39 per cent increase in applications on 1st January 2018 than on 1st January 2017. 

 Jobsite similarly saw a leap in job applications on Tuesday 2nd January 2018, the first working day of the year for many in the UK, with a 70 per cent increase on the daily average in December 2017 – leading to the day being branded ‘Job-Search Tuesday’ by those in the industry.

Nick Gold, CEO at Jobsite commented: “Our data suggests there is an increasing number of workers feeling motivated to use their Christmas holidays to make positive changes and start their search for a new job. With competition to access the best roles first growing ever greater, job seekers are looking for any head start available to pursue new career options in the New Year over other candidates, even if this means forfeiting the time off afforded to them to relax over the festive holidays.”



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