Being Human

New branding comes to Randstad India.

Being Human

Asia Pacific

Randstad India has brought its new brand promise, Human Forward, to India. The brand marks a ‘people-first’ commitment from the company whilst recognising the key role technology plays in recruitment. Human Forward reflects the company’s ‘tech and touch' strategy, which it says is a key pillar in its digital evolution. 

“Randstad as a brand has always been rooted in humanity,” says Paul Dupuis, MD & CEO, Randstad India. “We put people at the centre of everything we do. At the same time, we embrace technology as an enabler—it helps us accelerate our mission, to find the right talent for the right job, at the right time. This is the essence of our tech and touch strategy.

“Today, more than ever, clients and candidates are looking for the ‘touch’ element, and hence, this new brand promise couldn’t have come at a better time,” adds Dupuis.

The company is aiming for an optimal combination of technological efficiency and human touch with the aim of helping stakeholders realise their true potential and move forward. Dupuis suggests that with the rapidly changing landscape of the HR services industry, Human Forward will better equip the company to make a unique and meaningful difference.

“Human Forward is a continuation of our tradition and a verbal and visual expression of what we mean for our clients and candidates,” says Kartik Murugan, vice president marketing, Randstad India. “The new brand promise reflects our enhanced proposition of shaping the world of work through effective digital adaptation. In a world that’s dominated by technology, a reminder of our humanity can be refreshing and powerful, and hence, Human Forward was born.”

The rolling out of the new brand in India reflects a similar process occurring in all the 39 countries, where the brand has a presence.



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