Live Chat Success

New feature adds value to Randstad offering.

Live Chat Success

Asia Pacific

At the start of 2017 Randstad South East Asia rolled out Live Chat in a drive to improve candidate and client experience. The tool offers a more personalised and differentiated way to engage with clients and candidates who visit Randstad’s website across Singapore, Hong Kong and Malaysia. Supported by a dedicated team of Customer Experience professionals, it seems the Live Chat experience has vastly improved the Randstad online experience for jobseekers and clients alike.

The Live Chat is the first of Randstad’s Tech & Touch initiatives in the region. The growing use of technology has an ever greater impact on the way people live and work – raising questions about the future of human interactions. Technological solutions impacting the way we work is a primary focus through the Randstad Innovation Fund, however, it is Randstad’s Tech & Touch vision that merges these technologies with the human touch to delight its customers and is one way the brand hopes to stand out from its competitors.

Having Live Chat on the website not only allows us to provide our clients and candidates with immediate access to help, most importantly, it also offers invaluable and first-hand insights into our customers’ pain points through these live conversations and feedback.

This in turn allows us to offer much quicker solutions to any issues, challenges or questions our customers might have - from job requirements, hiring talent, work eligibility through to application processes and career advice. Live Chat also offers many benefits, including improved customer satisfaction, better conversion rates for job applications, better quality of candidate applications, and more clients being registered online.

The results, says Ranstad, are already visible. In Singapore, since the launch of Live Chat in January, the conversion rate from visits to applications went up from 21 per cent in December 2016 to 40 per cent in March 2017. The number of direct job applications on our website also rose significantly, by 154 per cent between December 2016 and March 2017.

Hong Kong also saw encouraging numbers in the same time period. Conversion ratios went up from 20 per cent in December to 27 per cent in March. Direct job applications numbers increased by 225 per cent in the first quarter. In Malaysia, the conversion ratio went up slightly from 6 per cent in December 2016 to 8 per cent in March 2017, however, direct job applications increased by a strong 101 per cent in the same time period.

Michael Smith, managing irector, Randstad Singapore, Hong Kong and Malaysia noted, “In the future, we’ll be able to use this tool to offer even more personalised messages, campaigns or other relevant content to targeted visitors based on their job profiles, geography or even online behaviors. We will know if someone has visited us before, for instance. The possibilities in terms of real-time, more personalised and more responsive services are endless. It’s a perfect way for us to maximize this ‘Tech’ platform to offer more ‘Touch’ to our customers.”



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