TriSys TV Launch

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TriSys TV Launch

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TriSys Business Software, a leading supplier of CRM software for the recruitment industry, announced today the launch of TriSys TV, an IPTV channel dedicated solely to recruitment agencies.

Built using TriSys' customisable API and hosted on its core technology platform, TriSys TV will be viewable from today at . The broadcast will feature an overview of the company's products, services and technological capabilities, interspersed with entertaining content and popular TV characters, to demonstrate how streaming video can help ambitious recruitment agencies increase their placement quotas and ultimately their profit margins.

TriSys has always pushed the technology boundaries by developing products and services that give their customers a competitive advantage. It was the first technology provider to launch Microsoft Windows, SQL Server and Windows Server compatible software for its CRM database, the first to deliver a browser-based service comparable to a Windows experience and the first to offer multi language support. Now it is the first technology provider to deliver live and recorded video streaming capabilities, reinforcing its ethos to remain at the forefront technology innovations.

TriSys TV is intended to show how recruitment agencies can seamlessly integrate streaming video content (training material for internal teams or corporate video presentations, for example) into their everyday processes and workflows for minimal investment.

TriSys TV also provides facilities for storing recorded client/candidate interviews within its core database, enabling recruitment agencies to maximise their investment and make the most of TriSys' sophisticated CRM functionality.

For the last 25 years, TriSys has pioneered the development of CRM technology and associated applications specifically for the recruitment agency market. Its customizable recruitment CRM software can be deployed on-site, in the cloud or a combination of both. TriSys CRM is accessible on all types of devices, including desktop. laptops, tablets, smartphones and gaming consoles. TriSys recruitment software is fully compliant with current confidentiality, security and data protection legislation and all data is backed up daily and is available to users on demand.

"We are extremely proud of our latest innovation," comments Garry Lowther, CEO of TriSys. "Video content is a powerful marketing tool and agencies can run appealing placement campaigns directly from TriSys at no extra cost and without needing any software upgrades or plugins.”



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