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Ph.Creative has announced the release of a new candidate engagement feedback tool called “FeeBee,” which embeds to any careers website and offers rewards in exchange for candidate feedback.

FeeBee makes it super easy to ask for candidate feedback on any web page you manage, and no technical knowledge is needed to get going – you can be up and running in less than two minutes. FeeBee uses advanced features to track a variety of known fields and start listening to candidates and audiences that brands can trust. As you test and learn, FeeBee allows brands to reward their audience for feedback, and even tracks the effectiveness of each reward to discover the most valuable places to offer them throughout your website.

FeeBee lets you monitor how happy, sad, frustrated or excited your candidates are feeling – and then do something about it. In a world dominated by expectations of superior candidate experience, FeeBee is your unfair advantage. Ph.Creative is also proud to announce that all registrants within the first thirty days will receive unlimited access to FeeBee -- for life.


Bryan Adams, CEO and founder at Ph.Creative, remarks: “I’m super excited to announce the launch of FeeBee, your unfair advantage in the competitive world of candidate experience. In an age where feedback and peer-to-peer reviews are so decisive in candidate-decision making, FeeBee helps brands get a behind-the-scenes look at what their candidates are really thinking. Even better, candidates are rewarded for their participation, so it’s a win-win for everyone involved. We’re very proud of our product and look forward to partnering with many businesses in the near future.”




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