Upskiling Fund

Older Australians targeted in Federal budget.

Upskiling Fund

Australia & New Zealand

The 2018 Australian Federal Budget has revealed a new commitment toward the employment and upskilling of older Australians. Up to $10,000 in wage subsidies will be provided to employers who take on staff aged over 50, in a bid to encourage hiring managers to recognise the unique, and highly valuable skills that experienced workers bring to the table, with further incentives provided to upskill mature-aged workers. Specialised recruitment firm Robert Half has found through workplace trends and research the benefits of having a multi-generational team in the workplace.

“Multi-generational teams in the workplace can be a big plus for businesses as it brings diverse perspectives, insights and strengths to the business,” said David Jones, senior managing director of Robert Half Australia. “Seasoned employees can provide a high level of expertise and insight that provides up-and-coming professionals with far greater acumen as they evolve into future leaders, highlighting the added value of these experienced professionals not just for the company, but also lesser experienced employees.

“Even though the workforce will inevitably be dominated by millennials as Baby Boomers are gradually retiring, multiple generations today are working alongside each other,” he continued. Jones also said that in order to leverage the benefits every generation brings to the workforce, mentoring and even reverse mentoring programmes would have an important part to play.

“The workplace today has never been so multi-generational,” he said. "Using a variety of technology tools as well as demonstrating a consideration of individual drivers and managing expectations will be key factors to manage a multi-generational workforce.”




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