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Online education platform promises 'social' learning.

Learning Piece

Australia & New Zealand

A new edutech product is aiming to change the way online portals operate by adding a social aspect to learning. Opentute has been developed by husband and wife team Travis Clapp and Katya Komarova in South Australia. 

They say the platform is similar to the workplace social media platform Slack in that it is is primarily a B2B mobile-first service where content is created in-program and is easily accessed by members of each group. Material is made available in a newsfeed format and instant messaging options allow users to communicate with course-creators and other members.

Opentute is enrolled in Slingshot’s HR-Tech Accelerator in Sydney and will demonstrate its technology next month in front of potential investors and partners.

CEO Travis Clapp said self-paced learning was often alienating and users are looking for more immersive and interactive solutions to better engage online. “What Facebook does for socialising and Linkedin does for corporate connections we do for learning but in a branded way,” he said.

“As much as we are for the learner, Opentute also crosses over into customer engagement to not only enable push and pull learning but peer learning in a collaborative loop. This becomes beneficial to the client as well as the user.”

Opentute can be used in a range of industries from retail to corporate and has a list of clients that include Wine Industry Suppliers Australia (WISA), Firma Group, the University of Adelaide and WHO Collaborating Centre on the ASSIST Portal.

Opentute is now looking to expand internationally into South East Asia.



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