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Poll reveals positive effect of good communication.

Communication Value

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A new poll by has revealed that almost all respondents (91.4 per cent) from the Middle East prefer having a job where they can communicate “freely and frequently.” For respondents who are currently looking for a new job opportunity, the vast majority (79.7 per cent) believe that online job sites make it “easier to communicate” with employers.

When it comes to communication with job seekers, three quarters (73.4 per cent) of respondents claim that the emails they receive from employers or managers are “clear and easy to understand”, while only 10.1 per cent believe the opposite to be true. When applying for new jobs, 32.2 per cent of respondents state that companies “always” communicate with them and more than a quarter (26.7 per cent) claim that they “sometimes” do.

Still, four in 10 respondents claim that companies they apply to “never” communicate with them. asked job seekers about the ideal communication practices. According to the poll, 59.6 per cent of respondents in the Middle East believe that the HR department should always communicate with job seekers, even if they are rejected. 20.2 per cent of respondents believe that HR departments should communicate with prospective job seekers only if they are qualified. Another 20.2 per cent believe that companies should only communicate with the short-listed candidates. 


“It is very rewarding to find out that the far majority of job seekers (79.7 per cent) find it easier and simpler to communicate with their prospective employers through and online job sites,” said Suhail Masri, vice president of employer solutions, “Communication is key, which is why our platform is intended to facilitate communication throughout the hiring process. Employers and job seekers on are empowered with an array of tools and technologies that allow them to contact each other, share documents and vital information, and connect in a way that would not have been possible in the past.” 

In terms of communicating at the workplace, and among employees, email is the main method of communication at work, according to 67.5 per cent of respondents. 14.8 per cent of respondents communicate in-person, 13.5 per cent on social media, 3.3 per cent through instant messaging, and 0.9 per cent through audio or video conferences as other primary methods.

When it comes to the most effective methods for workplace communication, 48.4 per cent of respondents voted for email, 37.1 per cent for in-person, 6.3 per cent for instant messaging, 6.0 per cent for social media, and 3.2 per cent for audio and video conferences.

Masri adds: “Communication is the essence of employee satisfaction, successful team dynamics, and higher work productivity. It is critical that employers and managers frequently review their communication practices and regulations in order to guide their workforce towards success. At, we endeavor to provide the most accurate and relevant information regarding communication practices to ensure that both employers and job seekers have an overview of the communication landscape in the region.”



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