Tech Solution Makes Waves

Positive reaction to recFinder.

Tech Solution Makes Waves

Australia & New Zealand

Brisbane based recFinder is set to disrupt the balance in recruitment in a positive way for recruiters. recFinder presents a marketplace for job seekers and hiring managers to find and connect with recruitment consultants at an individual level. It launched in early January after a year of testing, interviewing and meeting with all sides of the recruitment ecosystem to create a fantastic market fit.

According to Mike Smith, recFinder founder, the combination of an open review platform and easy search functionality has created increased visibility for recruiters along with a better fit for hiring managers and job seekers.


With the latest trends in recruitment tech working to either replace or add another level by forcing recruiters to ‘bid’ for roles or split fees is doing little to create a more harmonious relationship between job seekers, hiring managers and recruiters. The recFinder platform creates an area where job seekers and hiring managers can quickly find and contact a recruiter based on their location and industry from here a decision can be made to contact a more relevant recruiter for their needs.

recFinder also seeks to take the traditional ‘review’ platform a step further than the traditional review a business by using dashboards showing recruiters feedback from job seekers and hiring managers while delivering targeted information, courses and products to recruiters. 

With a good deal of positive feedback coming back from the industry showing recFinder is creating a viable option and are now working to partner with recruiters looking to build their brand and reputation.



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