Technology Advances

Rafael Moyano, CEO The Adecco Group Australia and Managing Director of Ajilon Australia (rebranding to Modis in 2018) discusses trends in the IT sector.

Technology Advances


Q: What are the main trends for talent requirements in Australia and how do you expect them to develop?


A: There remains a high demand for technical expertise, but this talent should be combined with ‘soft’ skills required to ensure cultural fit. Investment in infrastructure and construction, particularly in Sydney and Melbourne, has produced an ongoing demand for talent within those sectors and related industries. This trend shows no sign of slowing down in the New Year.

The evolving world of technology and digital innovation is also expected to drive growth next year. Despite its large size, this market remains one of the fastest growing in the country. 



Q: Are there skills shortages in the Australian market? What skills are in demand and where do you think the talent will come from?

A: We are currently experiencing a skills shortage in Australia for qualified Engineers. Demand is higher than supply and the market is now being heavily supported by talent from countries such as India and China. Talent from these markets tend to be highly skilled at the technical level, however, a common challenge for these candidates is overcoming language and communication barriers. To my previous view on cultural fit; participation in highly technical topics of conversation may prove challenging to those whose first language is not English.


Q: What skills do recruiters require in order to work effectively? How do you recruit and support your IT/tech recruiters?


A: Recruiters who focus on building strong talent pools within defined areas of expertise will produce the best outcomes over the long term. Those with the discipline to know what they are good at and, more importantly, what they are not good at, can deliver consistent results.

On top of this, there needs to be a desire to provide the best experience for both clients and candidates. Attention to this aspect of the job separates the ‘really good’ from the ‘good’. Research tells us that in the age of AI and online recruiting, our customers still prefer to deal with people they feel they can trust.


We recruit our people from all available channels, including our own network. We also have an aggressive and attractive referral program which rewards our employees for every successful candidate. Our recruiters are given the tools that we believe will allow them to be effective and flexible. We also enable them to work flexibly – a recruiter does not need to be fixed to their desk to be effective!



Q: With the rapid pace of change and development in the tech sector how easy is it to predict what kind of talent your clients will need and to help them manage their talent resources? Do you offer a more consultative role or is it purely responding to client demand?


A: We partner closely with our clients and are continually discussing future direction and potential talent gaps.

We have to be honest with our clients concerning our capability. For example, if we feel an urgent need does not sit within our talent pools, we will discuss the best path forward for that client. Sometimes, this may include referring them to another provider. That said, for clients identifying an ongoing need, we will look to develop new talent pools, with an ultimate goal of driving continual growth.

We keep an eye on all articles and conferences relating to new technologies and capabilities. This means we can proactively adjust our practices and remain at the forefront of innovation and thought-leadership within the industry. 



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