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Knight's Day

Australia & New Zealand

Halcyon Knights has been ranked 56th in the Australian Financial Review Fast 100 for 2017. The list identifies the fastest growing companies in Australia.

Established in 2007, Marcus Lynch and Lincoln Benbow launched Halcyon Knights as a start-up in Melbourne whilst both were aged in their mid-twenties. They succeeded in establishing the company as a leading specialist executive search and IT recruitment brand that has made its presence felt throughout the Asia Pacific region. 

Pushing through the Global Financial Crisis, Halcyon Knights embraced the technology boom and has since flourished, ranking in the BRW Fast 100 back in 2009. Steadily increasing year-on-year revenue and employee headcount, Halcyon Knights has opened three offices over the past two years (Canberra, Auckland and Singapore), firmly positioning their brand in the competitive APAC recruitment space. 

“Our growth trajectory since featuring in the BRW Fast Starters in 2009 has been nothing short of a dream come true; the result of a vision that has been navigated through the ever-changing economic and technological landscape” says co-founder and director, Marcus Lynch. “Whilst our placement in the AFR Fast 100 has resulted from an independent assessment of our financial performance and headcount growth over the past 3 years, our internal measure of success has extended beyond revenue growth, encompassing staff retention and development, innovation, collaboration and social relevance and engagement, for which we have been awarded throughout APAC,” he adds.

Further driving the strength of the business, was the addition of Executive Recruitment Cloud Computing specialist Brent Skinner as director. Since 2014, Skinner has played an integral role in shaping what is now the largest team in Australia dedicated to IT vendor recruitment, and is actively engaged in Executive Search and Recruitment for many of the most prominent technology brands in the world.

“We have been progressive in our approach to sourcing talent in the rapidly evolving tech landscape, with a strong social conscience and a focus on supporting our clients’ workforce diversity goals. We are also continually improving our processes, incorporating Social Sourcing strategies & the use of Artificial Intelligence to support our recruitment methodology,” adds Skinner. Further commenting, “Beyond our IT Sales and Marketing recruitment expertise, we have broadened our breadth of service to support our clients through their own digital transformation, specialising in the recruitment of IT professionals in digital, Agile, DevOps, cyber-security, data and aalytics, professional services and cloud.”

Co-founder Lincoln Benbow adds, “Once a start-up ourselves, we have evolved our workplace to cater to the next-generation workforce. This has been pivotal to our success given a number of trends we’ve observed including; changes in employee expectations, generational workplace changes, increased competition for top tech talent, the impact of technology in the workplace, the social media revolution and the elevation of marketing to a core business function. Adding “In terms of employee benefits, we offer our staff throughout APAC the opportunity to achieve career success, but not at the expense of their personal wellbeing. Introducing innovative wellbeing initiatives such as #HKMYDAY enables all staff the guarantee of a paid long weekend every month of the year, an initiative we are most proud of. We’ve had a bird’s-eye view of how these changes have impacted not only our own business but also the broader community given we work with a lot of clients around the same issues.”

Halcyon Knights’ year-on-year growth has seen them progress from a start-up in the highly competitive recruitment space, to a leader in the IT Recruitment domain through its commitment to innovation and foresight in a rapidly evolving technological world. Not only do they recruit for the technology sector, but they drive business growth via technology - not simply surviving, but thriving in a challenging economic climate and competitive landscape. 




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