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Talentmark, the London headquartered original 46 year old life sciences, international recruitment and consulting company, is pleased to announce a collaboration with SonderHR PRC. Talentmark has been expanding internationally creating Talentmark companies and offices in Switzerland, Germany, USA and Austria over the past five years and a collaboration with SonderHR acknowledges the growing importance of Asia in the global life sciences Industry.  Talentmark believes the collaboration with SonderHR will strengthen its presence in the growing Asia market.         

SonderHR, founded in 1998, is an expert in providing comprehensive human resources solutions to pharmaceutical and medical devices/IVD clients, covering MNCs and China state-owned companies.

Dr. Michelle Ng, CEO of SonderHR commented on the collaboration: “We are very excited to work with Talentmark. This collaboration combines the strengths of two leading players in the life science human resources industry to offer high quality, customised and competitive solutions for our valuable clients. The collaboration is complementary to both parties: Talentmark could quickly develop its presence in Asia while SonderHR could strengthen its executive search business in China through Talentmark’s channel, and could support Chinese enterprises’ global expansion needs.”


David Nolan Talentmark Group CEO comments: “China over the last decade has become a strategic R&D hub for many of our global clients and not simply a platform for emerging sales growth. This will continue creating huge opportunity for specialist and executive search firms. SonderHR have already demonstrated the positive contribution they can make in the local and regional APAC market. Strengthening their reach and capability through this collaboration will be of huge benefit to the life sciences community and the patients we all serve.”  

The collaboration will also allow both SonderHR and Talentmark to expand their expertise and activities together into the wider Asia Pacific market & better serve their client companies locally there.



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