Salaries to Rise in UAE

Report gives detail on pay expectations.

Salaries to Rise in UAE

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The 2017 Middle East and North Africa Salary Survey, conducted by, the Middle East’s number one job site, and YouGov, a leading market research agency, revealed that 44 per cent of UAE respondents believe that salaries are increasing in the UAE, and 24 per cent believe that they are staying the same.

In terms of current salary package composition, more than half (58 per cent) of those surveyed in the UAE receive a basic salary as well as benefits in their compensation package. Almost one in five (18 per cent) of those surveyed actually receive their basic salary plus benefits and commission. Just under a quarter (24 per cent) of respondents only receive a basic salary.

Of those receiving additional benefits, personal medical insurance (52 per cent) was the top benefit received, followed by personal annual ticket (37 per cent), and a transportation allowance (30 per cent).

When it comes to end of service benefits in the UAE, 63 per cent stated that their company offers an end-of-service gratuity, and 10 per cent claim they will receive a pension on retirement. Seven per cent claim to have other forms of benefits. However, 24 per cent of respondents state that they do not receive any end of service benefits.

21 per cent of UAE respondents claim that their loyalty is completely linked to the salary they earn, while nearly one third (31 per cent) claim that salary it is not linked to loyalty at all. Besides salary, opportunities for career advancement (34 per cent) and the nature of  daily responsibilities (33 per cent) emerged as the most important factors driving employee loyalty in the UAE.


In terms of equal pay, while four in ten respondents (40 per cent) claim they “Don’t know/can’t say”, a large proportion (35 per cent) believed that men and women are paid equally for doing the same work and in the same position.

“With salary being such an important factor for both employees and job seekers, we hope that the Salary Survey 2017 will shed light on salaries, savings, and spending in the Middle East,” said Suhail Masri, VP, employer solutions, “We conduct tens of comprehensive research reports each year in line with our mission as an organisation, which is to provide people with the tools and information they need to build their lifestyle of choice. This survey was created in order to provide employers with insights into current employee satisfaction levels when it comes to their salaries and raises.”

In 2016, a third (44 per cent) of respondents in the UAE received a salary raise, while 48 per cent of those surveyed did not receive a pay raise at all. Of those who did receive a raise, 49 per cent were very happy or modestly happy with their raise.

Over half of UAE respondents (55 per cent) claim that they are planning on finding a better job in the same industry within the next 12 month, while 45 per cent stated that they will be looking for a better job in a new industry. Only 15 per cent of UAE respondents will look for a better job in a different country in the Middle East.

When asked about salary trends, 44 per cent of respondents believe that salaries are increasing in the UAE. According to respondents, factors causing salaries to increase include good corporate performance/increased profitability (33 per cent), inflation/rise in the cost of living (32 per cent), and growth in opportunities and economic growth in the country (28 per cent).



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