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Rethink offer space to ethical start-ups.

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Rethink Group is offering desk space to charities looking for a professional environment in which to operate. The group has championed a new initiative by London based charity Lotus Flower; called #ProBonoWorkspace, it encourages larger firms to give a ‘helping hand’ to ethical start-ups by offering them workspace – for free.

As part of the scheme, The Lotus Flower – which aids female conflict survivors – has set itself up in the Shoreditch offices of Digital Gurus – a brand within the Rethink Group portfolio. The move means the charity can channel its funds into helping those in desperate need as a result of war, persecution and natural disasters – rather than spend resources on crippling rents and overheads.

Taban Shoresh, founder of The Lotus Flower says: “With 65 million displaced people in the world, the number of charities, social enterprises and non-profits has soared. However, funding costs are a huge challenge for most of us, especially in a city like London.

“There are limits to how long you can float between coffee shops, so launching #ProBonoWorkspace is the perfect answer. Digital Gurus are helping us grow and focus on our projects without worrying about the coof running an office. It’s a great way for bigger businesses to support

charitable organisations like ours.”

While finding the right match is crucial, once both parties agree terms the relationship can be mutually beneficial. “You get to work independently in a lovely, shared environment, while meeting new people and spreading your mission to wider audience,” adds Shoresh – who first set up The Lotus Flower in her living room.

“Digital Gurus was started by ambitious, passionate individuals in a pokey spare room, so we have a lot in common. It’s a match made in heaven! It’s not every day that brands and organisations get to see and understand what charities are doing, and we’re looking forward to working with them, as well as alongside them.”

Andy Lord, the CEO of Rethink Group, said: “We are offering free workspace to organisations like Taban’s in our offices across the country. Coworking is imperative for modern businesses and we’ve found that it inspires our team and opens our eyes to the ways in which others work.

“It is our duty to support flourishing entities of all types by giving them a platform from which to operate. The team in Shoreditch has enjoyed getting to know Taban and hearing about her wonderful cause,” he concluded.



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