SEEK's Top Scorers

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SEEK's Top Scorers

Australia & New Zealand

SEEK has revealed Australia's highest paying salaries. The search should be welcomed by jobseekers because it appears that big bucks can be earned across a number of Australian industries this year.

The Top Five highest paying industries on SEEK are: 


Mining, Resources & Energy

Avg. annual salary: $115,005

Salary growth YoY: -1 per cent


Consulting & Strategy

Avg. annual salary: $108,471

Salary growth YoY: 1%



Avg. annual salary: $106,693

Salary growth YoY: 2 per cent



Avg. annual salary: $103,247

Salary growth YoY: 1 per cent


Information & Communication Technology

Avg. annual salary: $102,548

Salary growth YoY: 2 per cent

Sarah Macartney, SEEK Spokesperson, said SEEK's highest paying industry results are very encouraging as they clearly show that the strength of the Australian labour market is being buoyed by a number of thriving industries that are offering well payed job opportunities on SEEK.

“It's interesting to see that mining, resources and energy is still Australia's highest paying industry on SEEK,” the said. “The decline in job advertising associated with the mining downturn looks to have finally turned and earning prospects remain strong for those working in this industry.

“In Western Australia, this January, Mining, Resources & Energy industry enjoyed the greatest advertising growth, with job ads on SEEK up 45 per cent year on year [y/y].

“However, it's important to point out that while it is great to see high earning potential across industries that actual growth in advertised salary year to year has remained relatively flat,” said Macartney. “Employees should look at what other perks or benefits they can weave into their remuneration if salaries are not on the rise. This may be the inclusion of a phone or car in their package, free parking or gym memberships, or increased annual leave,” she added.

To put these highest paying jobs into perspective, currently on SEEK the average advertised salary across all jobs is $81,235, which is up 1.8 per cent compared to the same time last year.

“It's also interesting that management roles across Engineering, mining, resources and energy and ICT industries are among the top five highest paying jobs advertised on SEEK,” said Macartney. “These roles directly support the growth and prosperity of our nation and in return these professionals are being highly remunerated to manage the build teams that can deliver on the needs of businesses.”

SEEK predicts General Practitioners [GPs] will in the remain a top paying job on SEEK because as Australian's live longer and the population continues to increase, their services will continue to be essential for enhancing the wellbeing and longevity of Australian lives.



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