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SEEK charts job growth through 2017.

Jobs Rise

Australia & New Zealand

The mining, resources and energy industry has topped SEEK’s list of the fastest growing jobs in the 2017. The figures are based  on job ad growth and job ad volumes from January to November in 2017. “The pick-up of production activities by mining companies, especially in Western Australia [WA], after cutbacks over the past few years, is driving job ad growth on SEEK across the Mining, Resources & Energy industry,” said Michael Ilczynski, managing director for SEEK Australia & New Zealand.

“While off a low base, this is the eleventh consecutive month the mining, resources and energy industry has taken top spot for growth in job ads on SEEK, up 54 per cent year on year [y/y] this November,” he added. 

The traditional mining states of WA, Queensland and NSW offered the most job opportunities across the industry in November while additional SEEK research revealed that the top drivers for people to work in the sector aresalary/compensation, job security and work-life balance.

Other fastest growing jobs on SEEK for 2017, based on largest job ad growth and job ad volumes from January to November, were trades and services roles - welders and boilermakers and fitters, turners and machinists.

“Increasing infrastructure projects on the eastern seaboard, as well as the turnaround of the mining industry, is helping drive demand,” Ilczynski noted.

“It’s not surprising our SEEK data revealed welders and boilermakers and fitters, turners and machinists were among the fastest growing jobs. These professionals play a fundamental role in helping build infrastructure to cater for our growing population, and to support the maintenance of mining equipment.” 

Overall, the Australian labour market has continued to thrive in the lead-up to the festive season. There were 13.1 per cent more new job ads on SEEK this November than 12 months ago.

“This November we saw positive advertising growth across 28 of 29 industries on SEEK,” said Ilczynski. “Across the states and territories, except for NSW, SEEK saw double digit advertising growth this November.”

While off a lower base, Tasmania notched up the strongest growth in the month, up 24.9 per cent y/y. Driving this ad uplift are Tasmania’s top advertising industries; Healthcare & Medical [up 49 per cent y/y] and Trades & Services [up 93 per cent y/y].

“WA was also a top performer, with job ads increasing 22 per cent y/y. Across the state, the Mining, Resources & Energy industry offered the most job opportunities on SEEK this November [up 49 per cent y/y],” continued Ilczynski.

“Job ads on SEEK for South Australia and Queensland also rose strongly this November, up 21 per cent y/y and 17.5 per cent y/y respectively. In both states, the Trades & Services industry was the top advertiser on SEEK, with job ads for the industry up 28 per cent y/y in South Australia and up 35 per cent y/y in Queensland this November.

“Advertising on SEEK for our nation’s largest labour markets was also strong this November, rising 9.3 per cent y/y in NSW and up 12.5 per cent y/y in Victoria. In both states, the Information & Communications Technology [up 13 per cent y/y in NSW & up 12 per cent y/y in Vic] and the Trades & Services [up 18 per cent y/y in NSW & up 26 per cent y/y in Vic] industries offered the most job opportunities on SEEK,” concluded Ilczynski.r, please notify the sender immediately.



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