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SEEK introduces gateway to CSR resource.

Voluntary Portal

Australia & New Zealand

A new Corporate Volunteering Portal has been created by SEEK Volunteer, designed to help Australian businesses provide their employees with opportunities to give back and make a positive impact on their communities.

Kathleen McCudden, group HR director for SEEK, explained that the company recognised that volunteering plays an important role in many people's lives and career journey as long as 16 years ago. At that time, however, challenges existed in connecting people to volunteering organisations and opportunities to contribute.

“At SEEK we utilised our capabilities to build Australia's single largest source for volunteering opportunities, and we are excited to now extend that offering into businesses,” explains McCudden.

The new pilot volunteering portal, designed specifically for corporates, is currently being trialled by select businesses and will be rolled out more widely in in the second half of this year.


“Feedback from many organisations Australia-wide inspired SEEK Volunteer to create this new corporate volunteering portal,” said McCudden. “SEEK Volunteer discovered there was a growing need for a corporate portal that sourced relevant volunteering opportunities on behalf of organisations.

“Across the country, many companies expressed their desire to offer volunteering opportunities to help increase their staff satisfaction and engagement but were struggling with the cost of resourcing and managing volunteer programs for their staff,” she continued.

The volunteering portal can be embedded into existing corporate intranets, allowing employees to search for volunteer roles, just as they would on the SEEK Volunteer website.

“It's hoped SEEK Volunteer's new corporate volunteering portal will provide a user friendly, time saving and streamlined solution for organisations to source an on-going supply of appealing and relevant volunteering opportunities for their staff,” said McCudden.



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