Hiring Market Positive

Snapshot give insight into available talent.

Hiring Market Positive

Asia Pacific

Links International have published their 2018 Asia Salary Snapshot report. The document provides both employers and job seekers with a concise overview of salary and human resources trends across Asia, including a glimpse into what motivates professionals in 2018.

The reports’s information has been collated from over 1,000 candidates and clients across the region and Links have added to this information their own insights, based on our observations and candidate placements we have made throughout the year. 

According to Nick Lambe, group managing director, the hiring market for permanent staff in 2017 has continued to increase at a higher pace than the previous year. The trend is expected to continue into 2018. “Results show that the hardest roles to recruit this past year were entry to middle level management roles in finance and operations, commercial sales and commercial operations, whilst senior management roles within asset management and wealth management were also relatively difficult to recruit.”

Key findings include:

•More hunger for talent in Asia: 50 per cent of employers expect staff levels to increase (vs. 35 per cent in 2017).

•Shortage of entry to middle-level candidates, mainly in Commerce & Industry, Banking & Financial Services and Property & Construction.

•Slightly less candidates with itchy feet: 43 per cent of candidates say that they are likely to change jobs in the next six months (vs. 49 per cent in 2017).

•Fewer jumpy CVs: 67 per cent of candidates have been in their role for less than 3 years (vs. 69 per cent in 2017)

•Average salary increases for 2018 expected to be 3-6 per cent


Mr Lambe also commented on the use of ex-pats saying: “Interestingly, when it comes to employers being open to sponsoring qualified expats, it was the Singapore respondents who were at the top (despite the MOM’s ‘Singaporeans first’ policy), with 69 per cent claiming they would consider hiring overseas talent, compared to only 38 per cent of Singapore respondents last year.”

There was also an increased interest from Hong Kong employers to hire overseas talent than the previous year (47 per cent, compared to 39 per cent), whilst consideration for hiring overseas talent in China has decreased significantly from 53 per cent to 27 per cent.



The Snapshot report can be viewed here: http://dld.bz/g7Rdn



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