Get the Balance Right

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Get the Balance Right

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For Andrew McGeorge checking emails, making calls and working at weekends – even while surrounded by his family and friends – had become a routine norm. Sound familiar? Andy’s poor work life balance was a self-fulfilling prophecy, based around his belief that long hours and being unable to switch off were a consequence of his remuneration.

It is disillusioning to ignore the importance of work/life balance, something Andy is now able to appreciate after taking back control of his work/life balance in September 2017 with the support of The Recruit Venture Group.

“For me it all started when my employer, previously a family-run business, was bought out and I was routinely at loggerheads with the new bosses,” he said. “I ended up working 70-80 hour weeks, travelling across the country, never off duty and always on my phone, tablet or laptop. That’s when I got a grip, smelt the coffee and realised this was a long way from the life I wanted and that I had to act.

“At a crossroads I came across The Recruit Venture Group and their unique joint venture model provide me with the opportunity I needed to take back control of my own career and launch my own business.”

The Recruit Venture Group enabled Andy to say goodbye to being an employee and hello to being a business owner, in control of his own work/life balance. Andy was free to create the best team he could find and was able to concentrate on what he loved doing best because The Recruit Venture Group’s business launch team ensured he had everything he needed on a plate to launch his own business.

“People say you have to put in the hours to run your own business, and you do, but now I have far greater flexibility in life,” he said. “It is a huge transformation from what life used to be like. I feel supported, stable and am enjoying going to work each day. I have three children so working locally and being able to take back my free team allows me to concentre on the things that really matter in life, things I overlooked for too long.”

Launching your own recruitment business by partnering with The Recruit Venture Group will not only put you at an unrivalled advantage but allow you to make time for the things that really matter in life, explains Paul Mizen The Group’s managing director.

“I have been in recruitment for over two decades I know the strain it puts on the people and the people who are closest to them,” he says. “I think out of the 52 people we have helped make business owners, all of them had a desire to improve their work/life balance and the best way to do that is to become your own boss.”

Steve Thorne, joint managing director of Thorne and Wait, another of The Recruit Venture Group’s joint venture partners used the opportunity given to him and his business owner to provide a workplace which offers all staff a positive work-life balance.

“Both myself and my business partner came from a very tense and stressful working environment,” said Steve. “Being in that environment day in, day out is not good for anyone and had a real impact on people’s mental health.

“When we decided to launch with the Recruit Venture Group we wanted to make sure our office was created in a way were people felt valued and supported, we didn’t want to create anything like where we had been working.

“The Recruit Venture Group’s model gave us the freedom to do exactly that, we were able to embrace flexible working, giving ourselves and our staff the best possible working environment and work/life balance,” he adds.

Work/life balance is vital to unlocking your potential, so why not mark World Mental Health Day by making your move and contacting The Recruit Venture To Group to see how they can help you take back control of your career and allow you to focus on the things that really matter; both at work and at home. Contact us now on



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