Bad IT

Survey finds a third of workers unhappy with work tech.

Bad IT

UK & Europe

An IDC survey of 1,469 European line of business managers and HR professionals, sponsored by Cornerstone OnDemand, has found more than a third of UK respondents (34 per cent) are not satisfied with the technology available in their workplace. Another 34 per cent in the UK consider legacy IT systems to be the greatest hindrance to the development of their organisation.

The IDC research reveals that UK organisations are making steps forward with technology for flexible working. The majority (84 per cent) of UK businesses now have company applications and data accessible for remote working. While another 70 per cent of UK respondents stated that they are now able to do all or some of their tasks on their phone or tablet.

The UK is also among the EU countries offering the most IT training in the workplace. 83 per cent of UK managers and HR professionals have training available in their workplace on how to work with IT systems – higher than the European average of 81 per cent.


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When it comes to HR processes, more than two fifths (43 per cent) of UK respondents think that HR processes are a major source of frustration among managers. More than one in seven (15 per cent) UK managers and HR professionals believe that HR does not understand the requirements for IT skills and their development, and another 12 per cent believe that HR does not ensure managers have the appropriate tools they need. IT managers seem to be equally unsupportive, with 14 per cent of UK managers and HR professionals believing that IT managers do not help deliver modernised tools for the workplace.

Vincent Belliveau, Executive Vice President and General Manager of Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA), Cornerstone OnDemand, explained: "The intuitive and smart technology we have access to in our personal lives increases expectations of what we should have at work. HR and IT departments need to work more closely to communicate and teach the capabilities of the technology they roll-out across their organisation. Making more employees more IT literate will both increase productivity and improve employee morale."



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