Talent for The Recruitment Industry

The Global Recruiter announce an industry survey to examine talent sourcing among recruiters.

Talent for The Recruitment Industry

UK & Europe

For some time The Global Recruiter has heard from many recruiters that the biggest challenge to their business right now is finding the talent they need in order to succeed. It’s not just that finding the right people is hard, it’s also the case that getting those people on-board, enabling them to contribute quickly and effectively to the business, and ultimately ensuring they stay in the business is extremely difficult. The task has not been helped by the general scarcity of quality talent, the increase in opportunities and demand for good talent and by the age-old image issue that the recruitment sector still seems to have.

That’s why The Global Recruiter has launched an industry survey to reach into the heart of the recruitment industry and provide some clear information and data on which recruiters, and the industry in general, can build in order to ease the pain of finding talent. 

Log on now to our swift industry survey at: http://www.smartsurvey.co.uk/s/OF0JG/

Let us know your experience and views on finding and securing the talent you need to succeed and grow. We want to know how hard you find it to get talent into your business, where that talent is coming from and how you’re reaching out to that talent. We want to know if the recruitment industry is diligently measuring its own activities when it comes to recruiting talent and if the concept of ROI exists in the supply chain of talent to the recruitment industry.

Ultimately we’re aiming to chart where the industry currently stands for sourcing the talent it needs and how it can improve this process in the future. By completing the survey today, you can help your business and industry more easily access the talent it needs for a bright and successful future.



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