Be Engaged

The power of employee engagement is clear in Asia Pacific.

Be Engaged

Asia Pacific

Research from Randstad has shown the power of engaged employees across the Asia Pacific region. The company says that engaged employees will not only drive the success of a business, they are also the least likely to leave. It seems that the feeling of realising your full potential plays a large part of being engaged and 74 per cent of employees around the globe state they are doing just that in their current job. This sentiment was much higher in Singapore, Hong Kong and Malaysia with 83 per cent of employees stating that they are realising their full potential.


Surpassing the global average of 74 per cent, 81 per cent of employees in Singapore felt that they were realising their full potential in their current roles. Men were slightly more fulfilled than women by three percent, while more senior employees, aged 35 to 54 were two percent more fulfilled than their younger counterparts, aged 18 to 34.

Hong Kong

With the closest sentiment compared to the global average, 79 per cent of Hong Kong employees felt their potentials were being reached in their roles. This sentiment was similar across all demographics.


Malaysian employees were the most satisfied with almost nine in ten (89 per cent) feeling that they were realising their potential in their roles. Interestingly, showing an opposite demographic trend to that of Singapore, female and younger employees felt the most fulfilled.

“The results look very encouraging with over eight in ten employees across Singapore, Hong Kong and Malaysia feeling that they are realising their full potential in their roles,” said Michael Smith, managing director, Randstad, Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia. "However, while these results look positive, statistics also show that slightly over nine in ten feel that they need more training to stay up to date with their skills. This shows that while employees feel they are maximising their current skillsets, they are quickly understanding that more needs to be done to ensure they stay relevant. Organisations need to ensure that they are doing as much as possible to expand the skillsets of their workforce or they risk losing their best talent.”



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